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Love Living on the Coast

How do you know if you should renovate or vacate and find another home?  It starts with a small cost for a professional consultation with an interior designer.  This is an absolute must and will pay for itself.  There is a big difference between interior decorators versus a licensed interior designer.  Google the topic and read a couple of informative articles.  Interview them and be sure you feel comfortable with them and they understand your needs.  Get estimates for the scope of work.  This may include an architect and or engineer to confirm structural changes and create drawings for permits.  Get quotes from at least three contractors and find out what makes one quote higher than another.

If you don’t have time or don’t feel knowledgeable enough to handle all the steps, a licensed interior designer or a licensed general contractor will do everything for you.  Just understand their charges in advance.

Last but far from least talk to a Realtor to find out if the money you are planning to invest in your home makes financial sense.  What is your home worth in the current condition and what will the value be with the updates and improvements?  Life has unexpected turns, we never know if we will need to sell our home sooner than expected.  Over improving for a neighborhood creates a liability versus an asset which is very stressful when trying to sell.  I have met with clients to list their home and have to tell them that they will not get the money back on certain improvements or worse yet, they can not sell their home for what is owed to the bank.