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Give your home a two day make over and give our neighborhood a lift!

After our “winter” cold snaps our yards are not as green and colorful as they appear in spring and summer. Some easy and inexpensive projects can create a great first impression even during the winter season when lawns and gardens look a bit drab.

When you are selling a home, curb appeal is a priority. If your front entry is drab or neglected, the perception of a buyer is that the inside of the home is neglected as well. Even if you’re not thinking of selling, the first impression of our home is our front entry. Here are five easy and inexpensive fixes. This entire curb appeal project would take two days or less.

  1. Pressure washing the exterior, entry area, sidewalks, and driveway. This is so easy and makes a huge difference.
  2. Next a fresh coat of paint on your front door takes a couple hours and will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. I love to paint the front door in a contrast color that really pops.
  3. A couple of planters that coordinate or contrast with the front door color will perk up even the dullest landscaping. Use a mix of bright colored flowers in the containers. Talk to the nursery or plant department about the direction your home faces and what plants will do best with the exposure and the size planter you intend to use.
  4. Porch benches, a porch swing, a couple of rockers or porch chairs are very inviting, neighborly and are a great way to add a burst of color.
  5. Fresh mulch, crushed shells or a row of winter flowers and you have a whole new look to the front of the house.

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Send me your before and after photos to enter in a drawing to win a $200.00 Lowes gift card. IO can’t wait to see your project.