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Coastal Living.  Just those two words spark the senses.  It’s dreamy and glamorous; it’s the never-ending vacation.  The choice of Florida is an easy choice.  Finding the right location and the right style of home to meet your desired life style, that takes years of extensive knowledge and expertise.  You share your dream and I will find your little piece of paradise.

I have lived along the Florida coast for over 35 years.  As your real estate advisor, I can share the nuances of the cities along the West Coast and more.  There are so many hidden treasures in each city; Islands, waterfront restaurants, running and biking trails, golf courses, art coops, boating clubs, fishing clubs, theatre and more.  Entertainment for the sports enthusiasts is limitless.  I will work as your private consultant, matching the home market to your specific wants and needs.

In my previous career as an interior designer, I had the privileged of working side by side with high end custom builders and architects who designed and built luxury coastal and resort homes.  This has given me unsurpassed skills in my real estate career.  I look at a home not as a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house, but how the floor plan and flow will function to meet your specific family’s need.

My team consists of great mortgage brokers, insurance agents, home inspectors, contractors and hundreds of other professionals to make your transition to the “Salt Life” less stressful.

Call me and let’s make your coastal dream, reality.

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